ehCOS CLINIC Electronic Health Record

ehCOS CLINIC is the perfect tool for improving healthcare processes and outcomes, increasing the satisfaction of the patient and the healthcare team, with significant savings because of its efficiency and a high return on investment (ROI).


  • Flexibility and adaptability of the modules to the healthcare and managerial processes of each organization.
  • Quick implementation due to the use of preconfigured components.
  • Increase of patient safety due to its intelligent alert system.
  • Increase of diagnostic accuracy due to the exchange of multidisciplinary information.
  • Optimization of care processes by reducing waiting times for information.
  • Reduced care cost due to the reuse of diagnostic tests.
  • Ease of use.
  • Improvement of information quality, management and analysis.
  • Availability of integrated patient information 24 x 7 and constant monitoring.
  • Integration of clinical and administrative information.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Easy maintainability and development.


The ehCOS CLINIC Electronic Health Record is the core of the ehCOS Suite, a patient-centered solution that includes all the major functionalities needed for clinical/healthcare processes in an intuitive and flexible way.

The functional modules are organized according to different care areas, which allows for the segmentation of healthcare activities, optimizing processes and providing sufficient detail to enable a sound administration of activities and invoicing processes.

  • Emergency
  • Hospitalization
  • Outpatients Visits
  • Surgical Unit
  • Obstetric Unit
  • Nursing
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • CPOE Application Manager
  • CEyE Sterilization Unit
  • Clinical Coding
  • Prevention and Safety
  • System Configuration
  • Nutrition
  • Advanced Care Directives
  • Epidemiology
  • Warehouse


Clinical content

  • View of the care process.
  • Pre-configured, updateable and customizable clinical content.
  • Clinical decision support.
  • Patient safety and clinical alerts.
  • Access to other value-added clinical tools in the ehCOS Suite.
  • Compliance with standards and regulations.

Access channels and infrastructure

  • Adaptable to different models and infrastructure needs.
  • Ready to be used on mobile devices.
  • Ready to be used in emergencies (Contingency Plan).


  • Support for clinical evaluation processes.
  • ehCOS own implementation methodology for EHR projects.
  • Change management methodology.
  • Training programs tailored to different professional profiles.


  • Interoperability Guidelines (pre-configured models for enabling integration with administrative systems, back-office (ERP) systems and other clinical systems).
  • Integration engine for connecting with external systems.
  • Development platform for specific client requirements (ehCOS Framework).


  • Communication and online interaction between different healthcare areas.
  • Parameterized and robust solution that incorporates best international practices, and that enables integration with other systems.
  • Incorporation of the latest technological trends such as: cloud, mHealth, big data, wearable, etc.
  • A common technological platform for all the applications in the suite.
  • Independence from third parties.