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NTT DATA has been leading the payment industry for more than 30 years through CAFIS brand. It is one of the largest payment infrastructures in Japan and aims to pursue a strategy of expanding its offerings towards integrated payment services to become the global leader in seamless payment.


NTT DATA, through PT. Aino Indonesia, a payment processing company and a payment gateway operator licensed by Bank Indonesia that offers electronic payment solution for public transportation, government public services, education, tourism, and retail. In 2017, Aino has processed more than 155 million offline micropayment transactions from services such as Bus Rapid Transit, Toll Road, On Street Parking, Off Street Parking, Theme park, and Beverage Vending Machine in 20 cities across Indonesia.

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Microfinance Mobile Solution

LAKUFIN enables financial agents to effectively and efficiently perform Face-to-Face financial services.

Collecting cutomer data and performing payment transactions (savings and debt collection) can now be managed and monitored more easily with our complete mobile solution.

NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of Payment related solutions for Banking and Financial Services industry and Retail industry.

NTT DATA Indonesia provides LAKUPOS Cloud Service which is cloud based POS(Point-of Sales) service.

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NTT DATA Indonesia, as a technical operator for Cashless Vending Machine, provides vending machine infrastructure as a service for B2B Customers and value added services on top of Vending Machine Infrastructure.

By using our vending machine infrastructure services, beverage and food manufacturers can reduce the operational complexity and take advantage of sales information to analyze market acceptance to their product.

NTT DATA INDONESIA Recruitment and Selection Process.

HR Process

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NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of Cloud Solutions in order for our customers to realize speed, flexibility, and scalability needed to drive most critical business needs.

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NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of solutions for Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

NTT DATA Indonesia offers fully managed health claim processing services to organization across Indonesia.

Our aim is to deliver a reduced-risk health claim cost that enables our clients to achieve their company goals by allowing them to focus on their wider corporate objectives. We have engaged with many hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world and we understand the challenges and considerations faced by insurance/self-insurance companies today.

NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of Payment related solutions for Banking and Financial Services industry and Retail industry.

NTT DATA Indonesia provides LAKUFIN Cloud Service which is cloud based Financial IT Service Platform to enable financial institutions to expand service areas without establishing new branch and ATM.

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PT. NTT DATA Indonesia at a Glance

Name PT. NTT DATA Indonesia
Head Office Wisma 46-Kota BNI 9F
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10220, Indonesia
Phone +62 21 574 6060
Established April 2011
President Director Junji Kawahara
Shareholders NTT DATA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
NTT DATA Corporation
Official website
Contact email

High-Quality Digital TPA/ASO Solution

NTT DATA Indonesia offers fully managed health claim processing services to organization across Indonesia.

Our aim is to deliver a reduced-risk health claim cost that enables our clients to achieve their company goals by allowing them to focus on their wider corporate objectives. We have engaged with many hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world and we understand the challenges and considerations faced by insurance/self-insurance companies today.

TPA/ASO Concept:


Core Functions:

  • Medical claim processing
  • Cashless medical provider network
  • Customer care 24/7
  • Membership card
  • Deposit fund management

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Perbarindo Komisariat Depok Meeting Support by LAKUFIN

Perbarindo Komisariat Meeting by LAKUFIN at the MARGO Hotel Depok on April 12, 2018. Please see our Youtube channel.

Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever in Japan and across the globe. As a company and as individuals, we think through what we do, act differently and transform our business to drive better future for NTT DATA. Mission and Vision statements serve as a guide to achieve our aspirations.


Mission Statement

NTT DATA uses information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.

Employee Creed

  1. 1.We will do our utmost to serve our customers.
  2. 2.We will meet the challenges of our work with an active and positive spirit.
  3. 3.We will create a vital and vibrant company.

Group Vision

In 2005, in response to accelerating globalization, NTT DATA instituted a new Group Vision, which we termed Global IT Innovator. With IT at the core of our business, we aimed to comprehensively expand our operations to markets around the world. Our vision embraced two beliefs: “we could change IT to make it better” and “through IT we could change the world.” As a leading innovator in the field of IT, we set out to enable our clients to achieve their highest goals and aspirations.

In 2013, our growing operations include approximately 62,000 people in 35 countries working on the challenges that our clients face. To help accelerate our business growth in the decade ahead, we have instituted a new highly evolved definition of Global IT Innovator.

Our Group Vision contains three messages: (1) we build long-term relationships with our clients and enable them to reach their highest goals and aspirations; (2) we create evolving ecosystems through advanced technology; and (3) we enhance our creativity through the respect and encouragement of diversity at every level of our company. At NTT DATA, new challenges and the opportunity for greater progress in the decade ahead begin now.

“Trusted Global Innovator”

We realize the dreams of our clients around the world through long-term relationships.

We develop evolving ecosystems with our clients through leading-edge technologies.

We enhance our creativity by respecting diversity.


An important step in working together and achieving the corporate transformation set out in our Group Vision is stating the values we esteem and seek to share. These values are as follows:

Clients First

First, and above all else, we place the needs of our clients. We work continuously to understand your business and we strive to resolve every concern to your satisfaction. We feel responsibility to ensure your success and we let this obligation set the direction of our work and guide our actions.


We never settle for the status quo. Instead, with speed and foresight, we anticipate challenges that lay ahead. We consider the future of IT as well as the future of your business, work to enhance our ability to picture the future, and with our ecosystems, adapt to the changing business environment. In this way, we help you to meet your goals and create a brighter future for society.


We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best through their work with each other. We believe that when a diverse group of individuals brings their unique world views together, shares their wisdom, and works toward a common goal, the results are extraordinary and far beyond what can be achieved by any one person.

Global Compliance Policy

Global Compliance Policy sets criteria that guide our daily actions with regard to ethics, laws, regulations, etc.

Android EDC implementation for BRILink

As a technology-enabled service and solution provider in the Banking and Financial Service Industry, PT NTT DATA Indonesia provided Android EDC as the latest technology advancement to Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). The services provided includes development of an Android version BRILink application, which serves as BRI’s Branchless Banking Services (LAKUPANDAI) to support the National Government’s vision to realize financial inclusion. Our know-how, experiences and expertise has created multiple advantages and benefits for BRI as a valuable corporate customer.

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BPR Focus Group Discussion Event 2018 with LAKUFIN

NTT DATA Indonesia and EXLAYER held Focus Group Discussion with BPR (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat) at the Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta on January 18, 2018. Please see our Youtube channel.

PT. NTT DATA Indonesia


Wisma 46 - Kota BNI, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 1,
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia

Tel: +62-21-574-6060

Fax: +62-21-574-2156

Official Website:


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WINS CABINET is NTT DATA INDONESIA's IoT for Smart Consignment Inventory in digital Supply Chain Management. WINS CABINET use Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) to identify and track tag attached to an object. It is an integrated assembled of antennas, reader kit with independent processor and equipped with communication device inside of a storage cabinet.

By Using RFID Technology, physical inventory monitoring & stock in/out activities, can be monitor by a digital track and trace, to indicate the stock on or off selves. As a Cloud Based processing, we can monitor and manage product inventory through any internet connected device (smartphone, PC, or laptop). WINS CABINET is able to send an alert for products taken out in period of time and case of products reach expiry nearby.

Our WINS CABINET transform conventional Inventory Management system to a high-end digital IoT Technology in any industries and business.

Our Experiences

We Implemented Smart Consignment Inventory in Hospitals in Indonesia, collaborated with a Multi National Company of Cardiovascular Devices.

Merchant Solutions on Cloud

NTT DATA Indonesia provides:

  • A comprehensive solution for both corporate as well as local government to have a real-time monitoring system for their sales transaction and tax data collection.
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale with ease of internet service access today
  • Designed to reduce the amount of time and resources, minimize your capital expenditure and cost effective because our system is a cloud-base application

For Retail Companies of all sizes:

  • Could integrate their distributed POS system
  • To do centralized web based operation and monitoring
  • Business channel management and operation
  • Centralized promotion and loyalty program
  • Reporting and monitoring, either transaction or tax
  • In alignment with government regulation


NTTDATA Indonesia exhibited healthcare solutions at Hospital Expo 2017

NTTDATA Indonesia exhibited healthcare solutions participated in Hospital Expo 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center during 18 - 21 October 2017. Please see our channel on Youtube

Introducing NTT DATA, our corporate history, mission and vision, compliance policy and group company overview.

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Brief description of corporate information on what NTT DATA has been focusing on and how we develop our innovative capabilities.

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IT and Business Supporting

We bring well managed, cost effectiveness and high efficiency in client’s business and operation to realize speed, flexibility, and scalability to drive most critical business process and seamless operations to optimize client’s cost and investment.