World first – OCR software successfully responds to handwritten Vietnamese

~Document OCR software "Prexifort-OCR®" compatible with Vietnamese, sales to be expanded to Southeast Asian nations~

NTT DATA Corporation
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Tokyo and Jakarta, February 5.2016 NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter NTT DATA) in a world first(Note 1), have succeeded in developing handwritten Vietnamese OCR technology. NTT DATA aim to expand this OCR technology throughout Southeast Asia, starting with the release of the Vietnamese compatible version OCR(Note 2) software, "Prexifort-OCR®".

NTT DATA's "Prexifort-OCR", is an OCR software which extracts character information from image data and converts it into text data. Until now, the high recognition rates of Japanese, English and Chinese (simplified) has been its strength, being employed by many companies and contributing to efficient operations.

By making "Prexifort-OCR" compatible with the tone symbols characteristic of the Vietnamese language, and also making it compatible with printed and handwritten Vietnamese, it has become possible to convert the handwritten applications etc. in Vietnamese into text data. With this, it has become possible to greatly optimize application inputting operations at banks, life insurance companies etc. in Vietnam.

In regards to Indonesia, PT. NTT DATA Indonesia (hereinafter NTT DATA Indonesia) will conduct sales.


For over 40 years, NTT DATA has been utilizing OCR technology to support operation optimization of core systems in central government ministries and numerous agencies nationwide."Prexifort-OCR" is a product based on long-time accumulation of knowledge, has been employed by many companies in Japan, and is now starting to expand globally into countries such as China.

OCR technology has been widely used in Japan and China, and has significantly progressed the digitalization of forms, vouchers, and other important documents. However, despite these promising results, paper-based documentprocessing and storage is still the mainstream in neighboring Southeast Asian nations. Eventually,a high demand for electronic document management and OCR technology occurred in many industries, especially in banks and life insurance companies which deal with multiple application forms. Responding to this need in Southeast Asia, NTT DATA started the introduction of OCR technology by collaborating withNTT DATA Vietnam to develop "Prexifort-OCR" product compatible with the national Vietnamese language. After successful introduction in Vietnam, NTT DATA will begin a full-scale expansion to the whole Southeast Asian market.

Outline and features

"Prexifort-OCR" is an OCR recognition software which extracts character information from image data and converts it into text data. Special features include highly-accuratecharacter recognition of both handwritten and printed characters, flexible compatibility regardless of scanner model, and highly integrable with any common application. Two (2) optional features are provided to optimize user’s document handling, i.e.Electronic Document Management feature which can improve the ease of document searchingand Image Work Flow feature whichcan shorten lead time of document approval. All the features available provides an ease in document and data sharing, without compromising information security.Using OCR technology, operations carried out by users, especially frontline staff, such as input of application data, storage of administration documents, and search of historic contracts can be semi-automated and significantly optimized.

Future activities

NTT DATA plans to expand "Prexifort-OCR" throughout Southeast Asia, aiming towards various industries, starting with banking and insurance, as well as medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, logistics, etc. NTT DATA Indonesia, along with NTT DATA, will start sales of "Prexifort-OCR" for the Indonesian market.


"Prexifort-OCR" Product website:

  • (Note 1)According to our research
  • (Note 2)OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition/Reader, and is a device that optically reads handwritten and printed characters; identifies characters by comparing them with stored patterns, and inputs the character data.
  • *"Prexifort-OCR" is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation Japan.
  • *Other product names, company names and group names are trademarks, or registered trademarks of each company.


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